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What You Do When You Realize Your Ex Might Be Dating (Not That I Know From Experience)

He’s your fresh ex-fiance. Together one and a half years and two months out-of-relationship. It ended badly, he dumped you. So actually, I guess it ended badly specifically for you.

You’ve blocked him from every social media outlet except Instagram. He was never a big Instagrammer, he has like eight photos and most of them you uploaded. Two months later they still stand. (Yeah, you checked, let thou who hath not creeped on their own ex throw the first stone).

It’s a slow day at work, you check your “Follow” feed showing what the people you follow are commenting. See him comment fondly on some Asian rock climber chick’s photo. She replies that she “misses his face *wink*.”

Freak out. Miss his face freaking *WINK*?!? Are they touching faces? They most certainly must be touching faces if there is a wink.

Text everyone you’ve ever known. Tell them oh my…

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