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The only things that could spoil a really good date is a picture message at 2:20 am couple of days later. 

How many times do we meet someone on a first date and our heart races with that well known feeling of excitement and anxiety? We all think the same: is he gonna be cute? What if I don’t like him? But his txts were so nice! Ok, one drink and I’ll leave.

I went into this date with zero expectations and no pressure. He was cool and fun, just as I suspected. The conversation was flowing really easily and we chatted and laughed away without even realizing where did the time go. The entire time I was listening and talking while imagining the future with that guy. Yeah, we all do it. Can I overlook his huge beard? What’s behind that red beard anyways? He walked me to my car and gave me a hug. How nice, I thought and went back home with a smile on my face. Yeah, that was a really good date. And then couple of days later at 2:20 am, the boodie call time, I hear my phone buzzing. I open it and there is a photo! At first, I can’t clearly see as it’s dark and I freak out, but then I realize it’s something a little bit phallic. It looked like it had painted something on it’s top/head. The message said “Easter Bunny Loves You.” I screamed and put the phone away. I was convinced it was a picture of his penis posing as an Easter bunny.

The next morning I realized it was his thumb painted eyes and mouth and paper bunny ears. Some would think it was sweet, some that it was creepy. I guess I will never find out what’s behind that big beard of his.