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I never thought it would come to this, but I am finally confronted with considering religion in dating. It was NEVER a factor for me, because I would never date anyone that is religious, period.

The other day, I went out with this tall, dark and handsome guy who charmed me with his smile and personality. Here I was giggling like a little girl and imagining our future together. Yes, I cook and you clean and vice versa. Yes, we can stay in and watch TV. Yes, I belive in more traditional gender roles in a relationship. Yes, yes, and yes! As I was day dreaming and imagining our kids together, suddenly he started talking about Jesus. SAY WHAT? As he kept talking about his new found faith with a big smile and adorable enthusiasm, my dreams of us together started to fade away. And then I started feeling guitly as well, because I didn’t want to insult his faith with one my awesome sarcatic faithless oneliners. So I stayed and listened.

The next day he texted me to see me again. I agreed. What would Jesus do?