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Do you ever feel like you are moving forward and are FINALLY free of HIM? And then, he pops up on your phone, again? I keep asking myself a question, why, oh why, do they do that? Do they want to just check in or fuck with your brain? Why can’t they just let it go? And why it is easy for us to not care about some random schmuck and really CARE about this one stupid guy????

The moment I saw his text I knew I am in trouble. This time I have sworn I am DONE with him once and for all. “Ur mad or done with me?“. This question was staring right in my face. This is the test, this is a fucking test. So this is not up to me to spell it out? But why, oh why, I can’t say that straight back to him??? 

I was so anxious, I smoked 2 cigarettes, and I quit smoking 6 months ago. Then I got really hot flashes, stomach ache and wanted to vomit. I wanted to puke my guts out. And I did.