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What is the Universe trying to tell me? Is it testing me or providing what I have imagined? 

I dreamt of HIM again. I knew we are done, but I wanted to see him so much in reality that I saw him in my dream.  The dream was surreal. He felt warm and was an amazing kisser, just like I remembered it him. I woke up with a smile on my face. Le sigh. 

I was running late for work, but the sun was shinning and the music was playing. I stopped on a red light and took a sip of my freshly squeezed juice. I don’t know why, I looked to my right. I saw an arm in the car right next to me. I pulled forward a bit, because I noticed a tattoo. I looked again, just to peak at a guy with a tattoo on this morning commute to work. NO WAY. NO FUCKING WAY. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!??!?!?!!? My jaw dropped to the ground. I was speechless. It was HIM. Starring at me at disbelief just like I was at him. He smiled and rolled down the window. I did too. He took off his glasses. I looked down behind my glasses, but didn’t take them off.

Hi”, “Hi”, “How are you?” “I am great! I am going to work!”. “Me too,” he replied. I grinned and said “We should ditched the work together.” “Yeah, we should.“…His familiar deep voice. He loud laughter. He’s mischievous eyes….

Suddenly, the red light has turned green and we both waved at each other and drove away. As I was moving forward, I just realized my heart was jumping out of chest and I felt an adrenaline rush.

Breath, breath….I kept driving, but was mostly lost in my thoughts trying to manage my excitement and expectations. Suddenly, I decided I am not going to stop myself from what I want. This wasn’t a coincidence. This was the Universe giving me a sign. And I took it. I haven’t seen him in 6 months for fucking sake. I immediately texted him. He replied back. I hope that next time it won’t be a dream. It will be long awaited REALITY.